Mike Palecek on CTV August 13, 2015

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Stephen Gale on CBC Radio – May 25, 2015

Stephen Gale, President of the Fraser Valley West Local of CUPW, on CBC radio.

May the force be with us!


2015 CUPW National Convention Election Results.


  • National President: Mike Palecek
  • 1st National Vice President: Jan Simpson
  • Secretary Treasurer: Beverly Collins
  • National Grievance Officer: Peter Denley
  • 2nd National Vice President: Dave Bleakney
  • 3rd National Vice President: George Floresco
  • 4th National Vice President: Martin Champagne 


  • NUR – Grievances (French): Carl Girouard
  • NUR – Grievances (English): Chris Pleasants
  • NUR – Grievances: Cathy Kennedy 
  • NUR – Grievances: Joanne Gomercich 
  • NUR – Consultation: Rona Eckert
  • NUR – Health and Safety: Marc Roussel
  • NUR – Under direction of NEC: Denis Lemelin 
  • NUR – Education (French): Yves Henault
  • NUR – Education (English): Richard Gaboton
  • NUR – Staffing: Nicolas Presne
  • NUR – External Organising: Aaron Spires

Further results pending…

Mike Palecek’s 30 second audio clip.

Mike Palecek recorded this 30 second clip suitable for radio spots. Well done Mike!