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Today Sunday May 26 2013.

Today Sunday May 26 2013.

Dear Nader,

It is not possible to write this Sunday’s e-mail without discussing the very serious problems affecting all the workers in our section, whether they be labelled as “permanent partially disabled” (PPD) or whether they be labelled as “abled bodies” by the local management. This is not only discriminatory in nature but it also reflects the type of attitude that management cultivates towards the workers and their utter contempt for the dignity of labour. Read more

2012 Annual Report Paves Way for Further Privatization

On April 17, the Canada Post Group of Companies released its 2012 Annual Report. The report covers the Canada Post segment, Purolator, SCI Group and Innovapost.

A press release summarized the report and emphasized that even though the Canada Group of Companies had a before-tax profit of $127 million and the Canada Post segment a before-tax profit of $98 million, that this was not really a profit. The Canada Post spokesperson explained that the result was created by “non-recurring and non-cash adjustments worth approximately $152 million. Furthermore, these adjustments were largely due to reductions in the future costs of sick leave and post-retirement health benefits. The savings were a result of major concessions made by the Canadian Union of Postal Workers in the contract signed on December 21, 2012. Read more

CUPW and the NDP

One of the planks of the action plan discussed at the CUPW Presidents Meeting held last April in Toronto was mobilizing around Provincial and Federal elections. Right wing employers and their allies actively support political parties with anti-worker agendas. Unions and other organizations that support working people have to make sure that their efforts supporting worker-friendly parties are even stronger. Read more

Much work to be done.

I finished off my last post, (Conference Board of Canada: Bias? What bias?), on an optimistic note. I believe the campaign that the CUPW ran during the last Canada Post Strategic (Mandate) Review was not only brilliant, it was successful.

It is said that our Union does not celebrate its victories enough and there is a great deal of truth to that. We seem to analyze every defeat in great detail and berate our leaders for any perceived short comings while almost ignoring the good work that our Unions activists are doing on a daily basis right across Canada. When our fight, our hard work and our strategies even slow down the rate of our losses and diminish their impact, it is a victory. It may not be the victory we hoped for but it is always better than what we would have faced if we had done nothing, if there was no Union. Read more


On April 23, 2013 The Conference Board of Canada, a corporate oriented think tank, released a report with much frenzy created by the monopoly media entitled: “The Future of Postal Service in Canada”, a report which was commissioned and financed entirely by Canada Post Corporation.

The report was commissioned last year when Canada Post recorded a $327 million deficit from its 2011 operations.  Noteworthy is the fact that Deepak Chopra, Chief Executive Officer for Canada Post is also a member of the Board of Directors of The Conference Board of Canada.  No one from the monopoly media dared to raise this issue and expose this fact. Read more