Much work to be done.

I finished off my last post, (Conference Board of Canada: Bias? What bias?), on an optimistic note. I believe the campaign that the CUPW ran during the last Canada Post Strategic (Mandate) Review was not only brilliant, it was successful.

It is said that our Union does not celebrate its victories enough and there is a great deal of truth to that. We seem to analyze every defeat in great detail and berate our leaders for any perceived short comings while almost ignoring the good work that our Unions activists are doing on a daily basis right across Canada. When our fight, our hard work and our strategies even slow down the rate of our losses and diminish their impact, it is a victory. It may not be the victory we hoped for but it is always better than what we would have faced if we had done nothing, if there was no Union.

That last Mandate Review campaign was an outright victory. Our Union mobilized and out-communicated CPC blueprint_for_changeand its moneyed allies. Remember CPC’s submission? On page 38 (or 43 according to the PDF) CPC basically recommended that our Collective Agreement be studied and publicly dismantled by a third party completely outside of the collective bargaining process. Well, we are all too aware of unconstitutional methods the Harper government had to use to achieve the theft of our sick leave, but we still have that collective agreement. We still have article 53 job security protections. We still have our staffing and benefit provisions protected for the most part.

We can win again during the next Charter Review. You should begin to see a campaign take shape in September of this year. We will need all hands on deck once more, but we should not wait till then. We will win by communicating with our friends, relatives and allies.  We will win by getting our story out to civic, provincial and federal politicians. We will win with letters to the editors of our local papers. We will be victorious because of public opinion.

You see, despite all the doom and gloom propaganda put out by the Harper government and his hand picked puppeteer CEOs, the Canadian public when presented with the truth will still want a public post office.


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