CUPW and the NDP

One of the planks of the action plan discussed at the CUPW Presidents Meeting held last April in Toronto was mobilizing around Provincial and Federal elections. Right wing employers and their allies actively support political parties with anti-worker agendas. Unions and other organizations that support working people have to make sure that their efforts supporting worker-friendly parties are even stronger.

To my knowledge, CUPW has never officially supported one political party. Opinions vary amongst individuals and regionally. Voting options and strategies can be very different in BC than they are in Quebec for instance. Having said that, it is very obvious who our enemies are. More importantly is that it is obvious who our friends are. The video you can watch below is of a speech BCNDP leader Adrian Dix gave to CUPW members at the VMPP after we were both locked out and legislated back to work.

Adrian gave this speech hours after National NDP Leader, the late great Jack Layton gave his final speech in parliament. The full text of Jack Layton’s speech supporting Canadian postal workers and against the draconian back to work legislation that was eventually passed by the Harper government is available HERE.

Our system of governance is deeply flawed. The working class will never see real justice until the system is rebuilt from the ground up. Until that happens we have to use the power of our vote to support politicians and political parties that at best will support the working class and at worst are not trying to do it harm.

I know which political party I will be voting for both provincially and federally. The NDP are the obvious choice in my humble opinion.

My family and I live in a duplex located in the Burnaby North provincial riding here in BC. My partner and our two sons live in one side and my parents in the other. My parents are unabashed Conservatives federally and Liberals (formerly Social Credit) provincially, (I know, I know…, but I still love and respect them). Up until a couple of years ago the votes from the duplex basically cancelled themselves out. Two votes from one side voting right and two votes from the other side voting left.

Now with two sons of voting age I can confidently state that the duplex will be delivering four NDP votes to two Liberal votes during this provincial election. We win!


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