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I spent over 37 years with the Corporation (An article by Peter Finch)

I spent over 37 years with the Corporation. I have worked in some capacity or other in practically every department of the post office. By all accounts, I was a very capable employee who never failed to excel at anything I put my hand to. In my experience, there are many other equally excellent employees, dedicated to their jobs, to public service: people who value their customers and who are well regarded in turn. Read more

Poll Shows Support for Postal Banking and Opposition to Postal Privatization and Deregulation

The Canadian Union of Postal Workers is trying very hard these days to counter the recent pressures being exerted by Canada Post Corporation.  You will remember that not long ago, CPC announced the release of a report by the Conference Board of Canada on the future of the post office, a report CPC had commissioned within the context of “declining mail volumes”. Read more

The Latest Attack on Workers: Bill C-525

0n Wednesday, June 5, 2013, Private Members’ Bill C-525 was introduced by Blaine Calkins, Conservative Member of Parliament for Wetaskiwin, Alberta. The Bill proposes significant amendments to Canadian labour legislation that would alter the certification and decertification rules for union members. Read more

Canada Post Must Fulfill Its Obligations to the Pension Plan

Recent public statements by Canada Post give the impression that there is a serious crisis facing the corporation’s Defined Benefit Pension Plan and that this is threatening the financial viability of the post office. Read more

CPC’s new Woodland property. Progress?

A document was circulated in early May 2013 titled “First depots to receive sequenced mail announced as plans to modernize delivery operations in Lower Mainland take shape”. Read more