Canada Post: Under attack from within. (Or: The spinning spin of spinners revisited)

On February 13, 2013, the CTV News published a story in which they reported that “Sweeping cuts may be ahead for Canada Post as the Crown Corporation faces a $327 million operating loss”. The story went on to state that “Canada Post is considering: reducing home delivery from five to four, or even three, days” among other things. Although these statements are not directly attributed to CPC spokesperson, Jon Hamilton, Hamilton is quoted in the story as saying “all options are on the table“.

In the days that followed this article CPC issued statements denying that the service reductions were on the table. What they did not point out, what did not get mentioned in any media coverage that I read concerning this breaking story, was the timing of this news. The $327 million operating loss story published by CTV in February of 2013 was initially reported in May of 2012 and the loss was for the year of 2011. This was, of course, the year that Canada Post decided to lockout their workforce and shut down the national public post office for two weeks.

In fact, if you follow the link to the May 2012 Globe and Mail story, you will find the headline states “Canada Post books 2011 loss of $327-million after 16 years of profit” (emphasis added).

Today we now know that CPC has reported a “yah, but” profit of $127-million for year 2012 and has very recently reported another “yah, but” 1st quarter profit for year 2013 as well. I characterize these profits as “yah, but” profit because profits of any type do not fit the management narative of the dying post office. Any profit announced lately always has to be qualified with a “yah, but” such as the sale of the VMPP (with nary a mention of the purchase of Woodland and other properties). Everything is spun.

13-hamiltonFalling mail volumes? Yes, every time a CPC spokes person opens their mouth. (Sometimes to tragically comedic effect such as Jon Hamilton’s “”Mail declines were like a bunny hill. We are now on a double-diamond ski run, and we are holding on to the poles for dear life.” statement.) Operating losses? Loudly and clearly with every press release.

Profits? Well, we made those profits in spite of postal workers, not because of them. Growing revenues? Shhhhhhhhhhhh…… The fact that our postal rates have actually declined with inflation factored in and we have remained a profitable public service delivering mail to one of the most geographically challenging and sparsely populated  jurisdictions in the world? STOP THAT!

Does this sound like a management that wants our post office to flourish or even to survive? No, these spinning spins of spinners are designed to condition the Canadian public to the loss of their post office. We now have CPC Senior Vice President Doug Jones traipsing around British Columbia telling people to expect alternate day delivery with NO denial from his head office.

Canada Post is under attack, but not only from the internet and competition. In fact, Canada Post’s most aggressive attack comes from within. It is purposefully being mismanaged and its reputation assassinated by its own bosses.

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