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CPC’s new Woodland property. Progress?

A document was circulated in early May 2013 titled “First depots to receive sequenced mail announced as plans to modernize delivery operations in Lower Mainland take shape”. Read more

Another postal worker in Montreal takes his own life. This is the 8th death by suicide in Montreal within the past two years.

Last week, TVA, a Montreal television station reported that another Canada Post employee had committed suicide.  The postal worker was 57 years old and had been working as a truck driver at the mail processing plant in Saint-Laurent, Montreal. Read more

CUPW National President condems Conservative Member of Parliament for his remarks in the House of Commons.

This week, the Sunday e-mail is featuring a letter that our National President Denis Lemelin wrote to Pierre Poilievre, a Conservative member of parliament on May 29, 2013.  The letter severely criticizes Poilievre for the remarks he made in the House of Commons on May 7, 2013 while he was defending the government`s budget implementation bill, bill C-60. Read more