Another postal worker in Montreal takes his own life. This is the 8th death by suicide in Montreal within the past two years.

Last week, TVA, a Montreal television station reported that another Canada Post employee had committed suicide.  The postal worker was 57 years old and had been working as a truck driver at the mail processing plant in Saint-Laurent, Montreal.

This is the 8th postal worker to have committed suicide in the Montreal area in less than two years.

Postal workers in Montreal are reported to be very worried regarding the situation.  They say that the worker who took his own life had been off work as a result of an injury on duty but that Canada Post had contested his claim.

For the workers, his death leaves many unanswered questions.  Was his death related to his conditions of work and to the difficulties he was having regarding his injury on duty?  Such is one of the many questions on the minds of those he has left behind.

The suicide rate amongst postal workers in Montreal is raising serious questions about workplace stress and the impact of Canada Post’s modernization project on the workers.  Not long ago, when the suicide of two other postal workers who had been working together in St-Hubert took place, workers complained about their working conditions and having to work long shifts and late evening schedules.

They also complained at the time of ongoing harassment by management and threats of disciplinary action if they did not finish their routes in time.  At the time, a local CUPW representative had also raised serious concerns about the two deaths and alluded that they might be related to the deteriorating working conditions since the implementation of the “Modern Post”.

On June 5, 2013 the Sunday e-mail spoke with Serge Champoux National Union Representative for the CUPW on health and safety matters.  He deplored the many suicides in Montreal but stated that no file had been opened by the union on the subject.

He said that the union was very preoccupied by the situation and was working very closely with the Montreal local monitoring the situation.  He also stated that it is very hard to establish whether a suicide is work related or not and would not venture in this direction.  He said that the most important thing was to support the families who were going through a period of grief.

He added that the Montreal local in this instance had refrain from making any comments regarding the latest suicide and so did the National Office of CUPW.

Canada Post has systematically refrained for the past two years from issuing any comments regarding the deaths by suicide of so many postal workers in the Montreal region and has gone so far as to deny the many deaths sending reporters to inquire through the Access to Information Act.  To this day, Canada Post remains silent about the matter also preferring “to support the families in their moments of grief”.

Postal workers in Ottawa are very preoccupied by the situation as well.  Many postal workers think that the suicides should be properly investigated by the union as a matter relating to the health and safety of the workers while also supporting the families in their grief.

The Sunday e-mail extends its deepest condoleances to all the families affected and to all the members of the Montreal local of CUPW.

In Solidarity,

Danielle Desormeaux


  1. J says:

    Terrible news for sure! One life is too many! Yet we’re talking eight now! And that’s just in the Montreal area! What about other Provinces/Cities!?!

    We can’t get comments from the ones who took their lives, can we!!! There are answers out there! Sometimes we just have to ask! If so, I’m sure this wouldn’t fall under the coincidence category!!

    ………..nuff said!


  2. Chris Burns says:

    OK Now is it a Laughing matter to the Public, that are so mis-informed??? I worked 37 yrs at Can Post, & trust me, Mgmnt went out of their way to constantly screw you around.Every day there was a new Rule, & then the next day it would be revised..Trust me, Every Can Post worker EARNS their money, just for putting up with the BUL::LSHIT they have to go thru.

    • kate says:

      I agree 110%….they make up rules…and then the week after they pretend they didn’t say them?? It’s all bullshit…

  3. Chris Burns says:

    P.S. Management at Canada Post have no BACKBONE whatsoever.They constantly Blame either Local Mgnmt or the Union.Trust me I KNOW things thatwould Make You ILL

  4. J says:

    @Chris Burns

    So it’s been going on for years; bullying, harassment, intimidation, etc!!! And still is!! Management are in their own little communist world! If I were in management, I think I’d be looking over my shoulder at all times! They work in a backstabbing environment; will even backstab one of their own! Again, it’s the little world they live in. What do you think their friends think of the way they operate!?! If I were one of their friends, the friendship would soon be cut off, just because I’d fear what they might do to me, my kids, hell even my dog! A person just can’t turn off being a bully at the end of the day! If I had to behave like management, I think I’d be taking my own life, before someone else does….

    With the new hirees; paid at a lower rate, do you think management has been told to be easier on them? I mean c’mon, CPC is saving a tonne of money! If so, my question is this; management will have to change; do you think they will? Are they capable? It’s a mess waiting to get messier! Glad you survived Chris, and made it OUT!


  5. Shelly says:

    If one wasn’t enough, then how many are in order for this to become a top priority investigation? I think asking family members and friends for answers is not being personal its trying to see if there is a connection at all with the reasons for these tragic passing’s. Hopefully finding these reasons may prevent another fellow worker from taking their life. Or making it known to all fellow workers that they are not alone and there is counsel n help out there for difficult times in life we may face.

  6. J says:


    Agree 100%! Talking about it is a form of closure! Hiding it isn’t! CPC should take some initiative and encourage counselling to workers! Hold on, that would cost money and possibly time off! Again, one life is one too many!

  7. Susan says:

    I too went through a very rough time with CPC. They denied me LTD and I had to get help from a third party to get what was rightfully owing to me. It took almost 2 years which I am told was NOT BAD. You are just a number there period.

  8. catherine says:

    Here in Windsor, Ontario my friends called the constant rule changing rule de jour. We would go to work and ask what is today’s rule de jour?

  9. robert says:

    I quit Canada Post because of how they attacked my mental ilness. I am am now in the prcocess of taking management to the human rights comission. This shit has to stop. Innocent lives are being torn apart by Canada Post. Im fighting to the end.

  10. J says:

    That is exactly their style Robert, exactly their style of managing! Good to hear you’re fighting it to the end! However, they’ll do everything and anything to drag it on as long as possible!

    I know of a shop steward/health safety employee stepped down from both positions. Within two(2) weeks management was giving him such a hard time; day in and day out. He finally broke down in tears at his sorting case! Removed himself from work and seeked medical care. He’s still off work; Doctor’s orders!

    Management loves to know everything about workers. The more they know, the more dangerous they are; dangerous by exploiting workers’ weaknesses! Never speak with management about ANY personal business!

    I can’t believe a ‘class action’ lawsuit hasn’t happened! There is more than enough wrongdoings by management! Then again, I can’t believe the 2 bundle system was approved.

    Glad you’re OUT Robert!

  11. Pabs says:

    We have finished our first winter with PT working with flashlights on our heads (an absolute embarassment), booking tons of OT and being harrassed about it, now that the so called summer volume is hear there is a new rule every day. We are followed and watched on the street. They look for cellphones, headphones, lawn crossing, smoking…the most ridiculous nit picking you have ever seen. I speak for the majority of my coworkers when I say I hate the place. Some of us are near retirement so we grin and bare it, and most just need the job…its sad they have to make it so unbearable. I hope everyone of these gutless management types are let go soon because truly they are glorified attendance takers with a masters in being “A” holes! Keep up the fight brothers and sisters…the evil corporation has no heart!

  12. david says:

    Do they still write you up if you are not wearing your tie ??? I am 9 years retired and enjoying every moment away from “the zoo” .

  13. Danielle Desormeaux says:

    Thanks for your feedback. Your comments are all indictments of Canada Post and their vicious attacks on the dignity of labour. For sure, these suicides need to be investigated and the links with the working conditions highlighted.

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