Last week, we discussed the enormous pressures which were being exerted by the bourgeois capitalist state on the workers in order to prevent them from fighting for their rights both at the place of work and within the society.  Many people read the Sunday e-mail in disbelief that such political persecution is taking place on the soil of Canada.

Calling things by their names and using political terms to describe what is going on in the society and in mail processing plants throughout the country has been violently suppressed by the bourgeois class and its state machine as only the bourgeois academy should be allowed to make analysis of the conditions facing the working class and broad masses of the people.  According to them, the workers should only fight to establish social consensus which negates the rights of all and which further institutes corporatist arrangements at the place of work.

This has left postal workers open to attacks everywhere by social fascism who is fighting alongside the religious right on behalf of which the Harper dictatorship governs.  They want to eliminate the right to be of the working class and supplant it with the right to be of the British Crown and use “thy force”, the divine right to enslave the workers in the factories and eliminate social services and everything else which humanises the working class.  The smiles of some are the suffering of others.

In my estimation, the thesis that “Understanding requires the conscious participation of the individual—an act of finding out is the thesis upon which postal workers should be organising themselves as there is a profound and most urgent necessity for change.  It will help in the education of the workers and further activate the human factor social consciousness in defence of their own class interests.

The workers want to take up a pro-social agenda, an agenda which serves their interests and that of the society and they have demanded a modern definition of rights.  They also want a process whereby they can prepare in making their contract demands for the next round of negotiations.

This is something that the workers have not been allowed to do at the place of work since the 1981-82 economic recession which saw the end of collective bargaining on the basis of worker`s demands which were replaced by the demands of the monopoly corporations for concessions from the workers.   Since that time, the class interests of the monopoly corporations have constantly been placed at the center stage of all the discussions.

It is around that time as well that the bourgeoisie started rigging up the corporate fascist state and organise the society in such a way as to deny any discussions on the needs or well-being of the working class.  Everything was “pie in the sky” and the capitalist status quo was imposed by the labour aristocracy while they prepared the conditions for the instituting of the corporatist arrangements.

By doing so, they have left the workers completely vulnerable to the social fascist beast and have intensified the capitalist exploitation of the working class in the factories where we toil and in the retail sector in particular.  They have tied the workers to products which are harmful to their health simply to have them wage contests on behalf of corporatism and a corporate social consensus. Through such endeavours, the workers are sabotaging their own health as they are searching for ways to fulfil their own wants which they can`t even discuss.  We are low lives.  Yet, the bourgeois class is served with the best food that the working class produces.

The bourgeois capitalist state connectivity are also wrecking the unity of the working class and creating havoc in its inter-personal relationships in order to try and impose a reactionary agenda on the society which is designed to enforce bourgeois rule.  The workers want this wrecking to be considered work related and opposed as such.  These are criminal activities by the system against the working class and all the victims must be compensated for all the wrongs that are being committed against them.

Widespread discussions must take place at the place of work on these matters and the workers must become political and act to avert the very grave dangers which the bourgeoisie have in store for us at this time.  We must all love one another by being good to each other and always uphold our founding principle that an injury to one is an injury to all.  Everyone must fight for the rights of all.

All for one and one for all!

In Solidarity,
Danielle Desormeaux

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