A bulletin from Winnipeg: Beware! The Eye of Mordor is watching!

As many workers in the delivery operation of Canada Post are aware, the Corporation has begun round two of restructures Modern Post style. Canada Post has not even completed rolling out Postal Transformation across the country and they are already back for more “efficiencies” in Winnipeg. They are in the process of amalgamating depots and cutting even more walks which in turn puts even more strain on some of our workers just to complete their daily duties on time and safely.

sauronPDTFor a lot of workers, gone are the days of finishing your route early. However for some workers this is still a reality for them. What really disappoints me is that these workers have no problem flaunting this to their boss. Under the old delivery model, all you had to do was drop your green envelope in an SLB and simply go straight home, with your supervisor not knowing what time you finished.

However, under the Modern Post, THE EYE OF MORDOR IS WATCHING YOU!

You may be wondering what the hell I am talking about with this “Eye of Mordor”. First of all to understand, you need to be familiar with the Lord of the Rings books/movies. Frodo (a hobbit) is charged with the task of embarking on a great quest with the express task of destroying an evil ring, that in the wrong hands, (Sauron the evil sorcerer), could destroy everything good. The Eye of Mordor is the looking glass that Sauron, the evil sorcerer, uses to scour the ends of the earth searching for Frodo, and more specifically the ring. The ring is only visible to Sauron if and when somebody slips the ring on their finger and tries to wield its great power. If you are not familiar with the story of the Lord of the Rings, I suggest you read the books or watch the movies and they are quite good.

Anyway, back to our regularly scheduled article…

For the purpose of this article, let’s say that our PDT’s that we carry en route are our “evil rings”. We carry them everywhere we go and they give our employer (Sauron) little snapshots and peeks to where our “rings”¬†are at any given time of the day. Now let’s say your PDT Docks are the Eyes of Mordor. As soon as we slip our PDT “rings” into the PDT Docks, the employer (Sauron) sees our exact finishing time EVERY DAY. So let’s just say a worker is docking their PDT seven hours into their structured eight hour shift daily. That would work out to 20 hours of unproductive time a month that the employer sees. Now let’s say ten workers in your depot you work in are done in seven hours daily. That’s 200 trapped hours a month for the employer. In one month that would show the Eye of Mordor that they could cut one full walk out of the installation, and add that extra work to you and all your co-workers.

If you are the least senior worker, this could mean you are out of a job. If you are the more senior workers in the depot this just means all your hurrying to finish early every day is eventually making your job longer and harder to complete in time. And we would be naive to think that the older we get the faster and easier our job gets with our breaking down bodies.

It truly blows my mind when I hear of carriers still running their routes, skipping their breaks, and sometimes taking dangerous shortcuts just to get home a little earlier. Canada Post has stated publicly that they will be watching all depots across the country for “efficiency opportunities”, which to me says, if they see workers finishing early in an installation consistently they WILL be restructuring it.

To put it bluntly fellow workers, if you like rushing through your day now to get off a little early your going to LOVE rushing through your day down the road to get home for your child’s bedtime or to catch the end of dinner.

In my opinion, the Route Measurement System no longer works for workers, it works for Sauron.


  1. Trekingpostie says:

    We ALL know the Route measurement system is broken, and has been since WE allowed Them to Keep the City Volume Average..i.e. you only on average hit aprox. 60% of your calls every day..(MP routes, HA!) The new 1/3 circs and colour system means we do 1/3 of the route, and the other 2/3 had better be Under 60%, but Never is.So, next contract, they want 100% coverage for every route every day, they can have it, as long as WE make sure that proper time values are assessed on every route to show that.Until that happens, getting done early or late won’t matter to the Corpse, as long as the Stupidvisors can find a way to make it all look good on paper in their favour, it gets swept under the carpets..I see them ignore workers do their route, and 2-3-4 splits on other routes, and still finish early, so they C.Y.A. somehow..

  2. tragic24 says:

    The last thing the corporation want is 100% coverage every day because if they get it, there is no more opportunity to expand routes.

  3. J says:

    F.Y.I – corpse can manipulate any PDT if they want, i.e. if a SLB is cleared/scanned; super can go into system and click that is hasn’t, bringing grief to worker! They love playing that game with all workers, especially new ones!

    With that said, corpse can, and will do whatever they want. If corpse was SO eager to see both wave 1 and 2 work a FULL day, they’d make ALL workers have some form of, end of day clearance; some wave 2 (very few) don’t have clearances. Wave 1 workers would also have some form of a) commercial p/u OR b) pre clearance of some sort. Sorry wave 1’ers.

    Side Note: if you notice your PDT freezing up, and or slowing down while working; that is supes viewing where you are! Very annoying, especially when you’re standing a SLB in frigid temps, or standing on someone’s’ doorstep waiting for PDT to unfreeze! Pisses customers off as well! But corpse couldn’t care less! That we know!

    • Trekingpostie says:

      If what you say about the PDT being manipulated from afar by the Corpse, can you prove that? It would be Really interesting to find a way around that..It Has happened to me a few times in 2 years.(It could also be it Syncing with the cel towers around you causing the slow down.So i need more than a rumour..;(

      • J says:

        management type remark.

        • Trekingpostie says:

          J..Really?!? I’m the First guy to start using a film bag in the station!
          In goes the P.O.S., and it syncs when it comes out.Otherwise it’s in the truck.
          I’m slightly offended..but ; that being said, can you answer the question?

          • J says:

            A person must find another person who is having the same problems with PDT – from there they have to work together i.e, one person has to be at depot (to observe) while other person is attempting clearances. Always taking notes and comparing. In crazy times a alliance is mandatory. Think cell. phones Trek, they all come with camera and video capability, and must be used!

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