333 Woodland Drive, Vancouver – update

UPDATED – Sort of….
Shortly after the announced sale of the VMPP property at 349 West Georgia, Vancouver, Canada Post announced that they had purchased a property located at 333 Woodland Drive.


There was a lot of speculation about which letter carrier depots (LCDs) would end up working out of this property and when they would be relocating there. It was assumed by many that this would be the future location of the LCDs currently operating out of the 3rd floor of the sold VMPP building.

In early May 2013 we finally got a tiny bit of information from CPC regarding their plans for the property:

“Property acquired on Woodland Ave in Vancouver will serve as our downtown depot.  Depots currently housed in the plant (LCD 74, 99 and 31 as well as STN C and K) will be relocating to this new facility. Other FSAs could also be transferred on Woodland Ave – we are still assessing the best course of action.  Relocation and restructure dates have not yet been determined.”

A couple of days ago I drove by the Woodland building at dusk and thought I saw that a new coat of paint had been applied. This left me thinking that they were going to refurbish the existing building. I went back there during daylight hours to take a closer look.

Not only was there no new paint nor any visible changes to the property (it was dusk and I am colour blind) , I found the following sign.
DSC00379The sign directs you to a City of Vancouver website for further information. The website (http://former.vancouver.ca/devapps/pc333woodland/index.htm) provides us with the following documents:

Of particular interest is the Design Rationale. Statements included in that document give us more clues about our future such as the timing:

“There is no intention to rezone the site due to the amount of time this will take and the need for Canada Post to relocate from their downtown location as soon as possible.”

This tells us they will be constructing the new building as quickly as possible.

How quickly can this be done?
I have little knowledge in this field but assume it could easily be completed within a year of the development application being approved.

When will the decision on the development application be made?
At the time of writing I have only two dates to go by. The design rationale letter is dated September 12, 2013 and notification letter is dated October 21, 2013. The notification letter is sent to neighbours and they have two weeks to reply. Being that the new building would not be drastically different in usage or appearance from the current building and that the application is coming from a Crown Corporation, I think we can assume the approval will come quickly.

What will the scale of operations look like?
Well the following from the design rational gives us a hint:

“the facility has been designed to accommodate 42 at-grade loading stalls for their standard delivery vehicle. CPC’s standard delivery vehicle is the Ford Transat.”

42 Transat stalls multiplied by two (maybe three) LC waves plus all the downtown core foot (cart) walks.

The site plan also reveals another 10 loading stalls. 8 of these appear to be for cube vans  and two for 5 tons. (I was told that all new facilities were being designed to accommodate tractor/trailer rigs and yet the design rationale does not mention them).

Check out the developement application documents yourself and tell me what you think.



  1. maddie says:

    Well I don’t know where you people have been but it is now up and running (sort of). Please go down there and update this site. Talk to the posties, ask questions, take photos. I went down there yesterday on my bike and there is not enough bike stalls. That is the least of the problems or concerns. What will the scale of operations look like? Go down and see and do something about it!!!

  2. Hello Maddie. I’m not sure who you are addressing your comments to, but I will gladly publish any photos and opinions here if someone wishes to send them my way. I am working Monday to Friday at the PPC and would find it difficult to visit Woodland during work hours.


  3. James Baldwin says:

    Here is a couple little updates on 333 Woodland. 164 parking spots…right. None of which are for postal workers who, not being allowed to park in the lot, have eaten up all the neighborhood parking. As an adjacent business we are NOT happy. We had to by municipal bylaw build and provide parking for our employees and customers. Apparently CP can just ignore this however and screw over an entire neighborhood and the businesses therein. Bloody criminal.
    To add insult to injury any Posties who smoke, and cannot on CP property, are now standing in front of our building, under our awning, and tossing their butts where they please. Respectful that.
    Has CP customer service responded to our complaints? Nope. Can we take it to the Ombadsman? Nope.

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