Moya Green talks about the pension plan….

During a May 2010 visit to the Capilano Delivery Centre in North Vancouver BC, Moya Green had a lot to say about many things. Here she is with a few words about our pension.

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  1. This is a great post. The Sunday e-mail “HANDS OFF OUR PENSION!” which is posted on has an extensive quote made by Moya Green in 2008 to the Strategic Review regarding the solvency deficit which shows that Canada Post has always been reluctant to fund the solvency deficit and budget for it. She even proposed to the Strategic Review that Canada Post be exempted from the federal regulation forcing them to fund the solvency deficit. She argued there as well that a wound up was impossible. However, the government rejected her recommendation as it wants to leave its “options open” regarding the future of Canada Post which means its eventual privatization and do not want to be stuck with a pension solvency deficit something they must bear as the major shareholder of the company. However, pension releif is not a solution either especially when the future of Canada Post is being made uncertain by all the wrecking activities of the CEO and the
    Conservative government. Pension relief will only exacerbate the solvency deficit and redirect funds which belongs to postal workers as differed compensation to the general operating fund which in turn will finance all the cut backs to essential postal public services.

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