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Over the last few years I have enjoyed creating images reflecting my views on various political or postal (sometimes both) situations.

I’ve uploaded some of them here. They’re not all gems. Some I am happy with, some not so much.

Feel free to share if you so wish. Click on an image to enlarge it. Right click it and save it to your computer. Then you can share it anywhere.

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harper destroying a public post office for dummies antiausterity harper covers stall floor harper rats deserting sinking ship ALL Wildfires BC 20150723 harper this much rocco_c51 harper principled stand trustOlivercar wash ban stage3 deepak puppet harper on early writ harper pops balloon harper smells like a beer fart harper this much retired harper principled stand trustOliver washedmycar vancouver rain circle of life computers kill the post office wilson_clark idiot_deepak consultTHIS feeltheburn duffygate1 turnaroundking things_they_have_in_common GO_FURTHER ford_hits_the_gym dancingelephant crackedoutstupor neonaziford company_he_keeps dirty laundry HouseOfCommons bcvotes harper_recognize_canada_post harper_recognize_canada harper_hiding2genworth 13-hamiltonbourque-deepak  volumes_perspective integrityclub pitney_rates lockedandsecure urban_loot another_great_conservative liarliar2 liarliar newplan maybe_I_lied turnaroundkingmatlock we_are_our_union wallin syria1 obama_syria psychic_fair CAT labour day for dummies hard_copy_verbatims robfordexhibit rob_ford nigelwright senate appointment sincereapology harperappointed pollresults scandals voteforme grinisfake forhire bcrailorbusted scanners instinctual christy_campaign_strategy dix_campaign_strategy christy_support management_bonuses now_hiringharper20 toilet_paper evil_unions freshstart shitkicking scablabourchopra_christmas contact_summer_2011 profits_up_shhhhhh pitney_rates destroying a post office for dummies privatization checklist running out of time frowning 
6thpoint affordabilityzone approved_cpc_gaza armslengthdistancebloat c51

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  1. Anna Beale says:

    Thank you so much for these. Why don’t you make playing cards with them?

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