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Videos from Global News re: proposal for ‘green’ Canada Post

Mike Palecek, President of Canada’s Postal Workers Union, says the “Leap Year” proposal for a greener, more environmentally friendly Canada Post is merely a “starting point” for discussions on the future of the crown corporation.

Mike Palecek, President of Canada’s Postal Workers Union, discusses why his union membership is backing a proposal to remake Canada Post into a more environmentally friendly, 21st century postal service.

Mike Palecek, President of Canada’s Postal Workers Union, called Canada Post’s community mailbox system “a disastrous failure” and called on the crown corporation to return door-to-door mail delivery service.

Canadian author and activist Naomi Klein was joined by leaders of Canada’s Postal Worker’s Union to propose a plan for transforming Canada Post into a newer, “greener” postal service designed to be more environmentally friendly.

Mike Palecek on CTV August 13, 2015

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Stephen Gale on CBC Radio – May 25, 2015

Stephen Gale, President of the Fraser Valley West Local of CUPW, on CBC radio.

May the force be with us!


2015 CUPW National Convention Election Results.


  • National President: Mike Palecek
  • 1st National Vice President: Jan Simpson
  • Secretary Treasurer: Beverly Collins
  • National Grievance Officer: Peter Denley
  • 2nd National Vice President: Dave Bleakney
  • 3rd National Vice President: George Floresco
  • 4th National Vice President: Martin Champagne 


  • NUR – Grievances (French): Carl Girouard
  • NUR – Grievances (English): Chris Pleasants
  • NUR – Grievances: Cathy Kennedy 
  • NUR – Grievances: Joanne Gomercich 
  • NUR – Consultation: Rona Eckert
  • NUR – Health and Safety: Marc Roussel
  • NUR – Under direction of NEC: Denis Lemelin 
  • NUR – Education (French): Yves Henault
  • NUR – Education (English): Richard Gaboton
  • NUR – Staffing: Nicolas Presne
  • NUR – External Organising: Aaron Spires

Further results pending…