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Mike Palecek’s 30 second audio clip.

Mike Palecek recorded this 30 second clip suitable for radio spots. Well done Mike!

Paul Cavalluzzo on CBC radio

Constitutional, labour and administrative law lawyer, recipient of the Order of Canada, Paul Cavalluzzo talks on the CBC about the charter challenge.

On Deepak Chopra’s statement that seniors want the chance to get exercise as they pick up their mail from community boxes: “I don’t think I have ever heard a more absurd statement in my life”


Using the digital (Adobe Acrobat PDF) version of our Collective Agreement

When I need to refer to our Collective Agreement (CA) I head for a computer (if available) before reaching for the book.

The same information applies to our National Constitution as well. The bookmarked pdf version of the Constitution can be found HERE.

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CUPW Delegation to the Burnaby City Council – February 17, 2014

Getting the public on board one signature at a time….