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Moya Green talks about the pension plan….

During a May 2010 visit to the Capilano Delivery Centre in North Vancouver BC, Moya Green had a lot to say about many things. Here she is with a few words about our pension. Read more

A correction: Will the Internet Kill the Post Office?


On December 15, 2013 I published a “meme” on facebook comparing mail volumes in 1988/89 with ┬áthe volumes in 2012. The figure used in the graphic for 2012 was incorrect. Read more

A couple of golden oldies.

I’ve watched both of these videos many times, but they are always worth another view.

So, here they are for your viewing pleasure: “Memory and Muscle” and “A matter of job protection”. Read more

333 Woodland Drive, Vancouver – update

UPDATED – Sort of….
Shortly after the announced sale of the VMPP property at 349 West Georgia, Vancouver, Canada Post announced that they had purchased a property located at 333 Woodland Drive. Read more

URBAN: Our Dues, LWOP, Temps and MIGS.

There are serious problems and inequities with how our Union Dues are assessed currently as per our National Constitution. Previous efforts to address these issues through constitutional amendments have failed. Read more